AIS has developed a proprietary, patent-pending aeroponics system that reliably achieves substantially greater crop yields over hydroponic cultivation and traditional farming practices. We have continually improved our aeroponic system in cannabis cultivation over 20 years and believe our technology could gain broad acceptance in, and is potentially disruptive to, the cannabis industry.

AIS technology represents a quantum leap in efficiency from all other cultivation methods utilized in the industry today:

• Routinely generates at least 4lbs of dry flower per indoor light;
• Reduces water usage by at least 40%; and
• Reduces flowering time by 13%, allowing one additional harvest per year.

The business model focuses on equipment sales and maintenance/service agreements, and generates extremely high margin cashflow during customer training through production sharing on each initial harvest cycle. Strong potential also exists for lucrative revenue sharing joint ventures with licensed operators and investors.

The AIS board has recently appointed a group of highly experienced executives to augment the Founders’ technical expertise with disciplined, professional management to lead AIS through its startup and rapid expansion.

The net proceeds from the offering will be utilized to build a demonstration system; to conduct a clinical trial with Dr. Robb Farms; to produce a commercial system for a pending joint venture; and to prepare for market launch.