CBD Move Free (CBDMF) creates relief products to help you and your family move, enjoy and achieve more! CBDMF has national distribution with Mittenthal & Associates, who has started presenting our products to Walgreens, Fred Myer, Bi-Mart, Bartell Drugs, New Seasons, Met Market, CVS, and Target. Our product is currently being sold by Tennis Warehouse, where it received a great endorsement on their most recent video outreach, which can be viewed at this link https://youtu.be/I9u0xrhRsGk. CBDMF is also sold in multiple golf courses across America, via American Golf. CBDMF can provide the most unique ingredient to emerge in the topical beauty space in the last 50 years; this ingredient is called Celltice. Celltice was purposefully built by mother nature and is isolated for the first time by Renmatix https://renmatix.com a company who’s most recent investor was Bill Gates https://renmatix.com/1-million.html . Leveraging Celltice enables our chosen topical products to be created without the use of chemical emulsifiers, 100% Clean Beauty! By harnessing the power of water, Renmatix has perfected a way to release cellulose and lignin from its inherent plant structure. This revolutionary approach is called the Plantrose® process, and involves exciting water into its supercritical state all while avoiding solvents and harsh chemicals. CBDMF is one of two company’s authorized to formulate with Celltice in the United States. As part of the company’s marketing and distribution, CBDMF is currently being showcased on TV commercials via Golf Resorts International, a syndicated TV show on CBS networks. Commercial shown here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUWV8amdspE&feature=emb_title