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Dispension Industries is transforming the distribution of regulated products with the Verified Identity Dispenser, the VID, an integrated retail platform that combines industry-leading software, biometrics, and hardware to create a secure, frictionless experience for the consumer. Meet Verified Convenience™

The VID is comparable to an ATM for regulated products which can verify the identity and age of a registered user with unmatched precision. With a simple scan of the palm, registered users can gain access to the regulated products secured inside the VID. The advanced palm vein biometrics act as an effective "age-gate" to prevent unauthorized access to the VID.

The VID provides a cost-effective, highly scalable, and secure distribution tool for government-approved retailers to distribute medical and recreational cannabis in a versatile, data-driven, and connected way. The VID is a retail store in a box that allows for quick rollout, provides consumers with a unique user experience, and the integrated mobile app for pre-orders will help service customers even faster.

New customers can gain access to the VID after completing a one-time registration, in-store or at the VID. Users sign up by presenting proof of government issued ID, then registering their biometric. Within minutes the user is enrolled and can gain access to the VID by scanning their palm.

The VID can be deployed and networked together within hours of delivery without causing disruptions to retail operations, and don’t require renovations, or additional shelf space. Further, the VID prevents theft and tampering, which impacts profitability and brand reputation. The VID would:

> Deter distribution to youth;
> Reduce overhead costs, high $ revenue per sqft;
> Increase access for legal-aged persons to purchase products;
> Monitor sales, revenues, and consumer data in real-time;
> Provide customers with accurate product information;
> Allows retailers to scale quickly, with maximum oversight.