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Founded in 2015, GNB is an Alaskan-based cannabis company that cultivates and sells legalized cannabis, extracted cannabis oil, edible products, accessories such as pipes, vaporizers and apparel through its retail and wholesale stores across the U.S. and Canada. GNB is a private, vertically integrated company and one of the few revenue-positive and profitable cannabis corporations. GNB grows its own cannabis within two sophisticated indoor cultivation facilities which include vegetative grow rooms, flowering rooms, seeding/clone rooms and drying/curing rooms. The company’s team of 90 full-time staff also operate two retail stores, an operational manufacturing facility with production of branded edible products, and the company’s corporate office. GNB is widely recognised as Alaska’s largest cannabis business with their own cultivation, process and manufacturing licenses, IP of unique product strains and branded products. GNB has achieved exceptional revenue growth of 52% over 2017-19 and a forecast EBITDA CAGR of 277% for 2017-22 driven by a unique business model, consistent expansion, culture of performance and a highly-experience and cohesive senior leadership team. In 2017, GNB commenced a strategy of expansion to apply its strong global network, market knowledge, unique retail experience, and world-class customer service in the high-growth cannabis sector. Expansion will continue with the construction of a third retail store in Alaska, with five more in the pipeline as well as development of its packaging and distribution centre. GNB will expand their retail locations and further acquire existing cannabis businesses to pursue aggressive growth targets of increasing their Alaskan market share from 20% to 40%.