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A little over two years ago our beloved dog, Genie, was diagnosed with a quickly growing sarcoma on the inside of his nose. He was given a 3-4 month life expectancy. The alternative was a 10-20k USD radiation treatment that might have disintegrated his nose and at most extended his life for an extra 6-9 months. Those were horrible options. Using our cannabis knowledge and experience, we created our treatment based on our research and experience. More than two years later, Genie was still in remission. Recently, we lost Genie unexpectedly. He survived for more than two and a half years after his diagnosis. Not only did he survive, but he lived a happy life. There is no financial equivalent to this victory.

LotusTopia is a disruptive solution. Our oral and topical animal wellness products utilize cannabis to heal and increase the quality of life of healthy, sick and older animals. LotusTopia is also an excellent tool for palliative care. Our standardized and customizable product lines are infused with full-spectrum cannabis. Despite the relatively lower cost of our products than traditional treatments, they work! There is no amount of money that can make up for quality time with a beloved family pet.