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NIRCOM is a UK- Israeli company operating in the Medical Cannabis field in Africa and Israel, NIRCOM holds Medical Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation, Processing and Export licenses in Zimbabwe, and in the process of obtaining additional licenses and establishing operations across multiple sites in Africa. In addition, we have over 1,000 Hectares of land and a professional team with vast experience and successful track record in Agriculture, Cannabis and business management in Africa.
NIRCOM is currently raising US$ 2.0M in order to complete procurement and construction of the 1st Medical Cannabis Cultivation and Growing facility in Zimbabwe.
Medical cannabis forthcoming is based on the ability of the supply chain to recurrently produce raw material and deliver with persistence quality at a wholesale price below $ 2.50. NIRCOM is leading the transition to quality growing in the GMP / EU GMP standards in places where climate and geographical conditions are ideal and OPEX, set-up and expansion costs are low, allowing for a high ROI for investors and the creation of a social and environmental impact reducing pollution, creating jobs and reducing the cost of Medical Cannabis to patients.
Zimbabwe, previously known as the 'bread basket of Africa', offers ideal climate conditions for Medical Cannabis growing, low labour and operating costs, the possibility to set up large cultivation and processing facilities in a relatively short amount of time reducing the growing cost (Cash-per-Gram) to under US$ 0.10 per gram.
NIRCOM growing facility in Zimbabwe is designed to be a state-of-the-art Medical Cannabis cultivation and growing facilities using the most advance Agro-Tech, Farm-Tech, growing methods and Seed to Production SW (Blockchain). Our operational plan is complying and following best practice and procedures as GPP, GACP, GMP/EU-GMP and any additional requirements as directed by the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe.