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Thank you for considering Spark™ to help fund your growth. As you review our platform, please note that we seek to identify startup and early stage companies which have demonstrated some level of initial traction. 

Your progress may be reflected in several ways, such as a track record of historical revenues, prior success at fundraising, securing of a license or contract that can be reasonably expected to lead to future business, development of intellectual property, and so on. 

If you are a pure startup with a business plan but no current operations, we applaud your entrepreneurial energy and encourage you to reach back out to us as you make progress.  

Policy on Multiple Deal Postings: As you apply to post your funding round in the Spark Deal Room, please note that applicants are limited to a single listing. Some companies which are vertically integrated or diversified across multiple lines of business may find that certain segments of their overall operations fit within more than one of the Deal Room’s industry categories. Should this be the case for your company, please select the category you believe represents the best selection. We advise you choose the line of business which accounts for the greatest percentage of overall revenues.  

On approval of your deal, your pitch deck will be available for review by our Accredited Investor members. There is NO COST to companies to list your deal on Spark. Thank you for applying.  
































































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  • Please note that the Spark™ Deal Room requires that companies upload an appropriate investor pitch deck. By applying to list your deal on Spark, you confirm that your pitch deck is a concise, thorough summary of your business model and includes the following elements: deal terms for your funding round, identified use of funds, financial projections, and bios of the management team. Appropriate pitch decks are PowerPoint presentations (which we advise converting to a PDF file for uploading) that are typically 15-25 slides in length. Please note that your deal will not be posted unless your pitch deck meets these basic criteria.
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