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Sproutways is an open marketplace to find and market award-winning, elite genetics endorsed and proven by breeders and growers as well as the qualified farms and nurseries that are growing them. We make it easier for cannabis and hemp companies to search for proven genetics and where/whom to source it from.

Problem/Market Fit
In this $140B potential market, majority of existing and upcoming cannabis and hemp companies are still struggling to find good plant genetics, trusted/proven suppliers, and the growing info. Because the law climate around cannabis and hemp is still very immature, there is no proven data to supply chain. 90% of the the supply chain qualification is mostly trial and error.

Our differentiation:
* we have the insiders' (creator/inventor) insights of rich variety of proven products/genetics that are wanted in different growing areas – outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor.
* we have endless variety to match the commercial supply chain objectives – either recreational customers w/ heavy THCs, the high end cannabinoid and hemp purpose w/ high levels of CBD, CBG, CBC, and also the industrial hemp strains for fiber + organic/synthetic replacement for plastics + energy/fuel, etc.
* our team is a combination of leading experts in cannabis & hemp, global supply chain in herbal, and high tech industry to have the discipline in managing the company's mission.