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The StickIt is a condensed cannabis oil in some matrix that gives the product the right rigidity like a tooth pick.
Thus it can be easily inserted to any existing cigarette.
It burns the same rate as the cigarette, leaving no particles and a minimum ash

The StickIt comes with different concentrations of CBD – THC CBG, and with different aromas
The colors on the StickIt indicate these features.

The product offers several advantages:

 No need to roll
 Very convenient to use
 Ability to ship between countries of a smoking cannabis. Keep in mind shipping of flowers are very difficult due to the fact that the variance of the amount of TCT is too high.
 Very controlled product- the user gets every time the SAME SMOKING EXPERIENCE. At the present, a smoker gets different experience each time he is buying flowers due to lack of reproducibility.
 Ability to build a brand – Marlboro cigarettes is a world brand due to the fact that no matter where you buy Marlboro you smoke the very same cigarette. Reproducibility product is a pre requisite of building a brand.
 A unique , under patent application, product have a tremendous new sense value
 Very catchy and different from existing products
 Large sectors especially in the far east prefer to smoke cigarettes rather than veps, of electronic cigarettes.
 Attractive product to partner with big players in the cannabis business as well as the cigarette manufacturers since this product has the potential of increasing their sales.
 May serve as a platform to carry therapeutic drugs that should be inhaled and carbonized/ heated during administration of the drug.